Taking care of the cleanliness of any sort of a workspace, a factory or even a warehouse is extremely essential for the well existence of the business. This is why it will never be a waste when you are investing on professional janitorial service. They know what they are doing and they’ve been doing it for a long time. More than anything, it is what they do for living. In choosing a service there are a lot of factors to consider and a lot of questions to ask. 

Here are 5 of them.

  • “Do you have experience in cleaning workplaces like mine’s?”
    The overall experience is not so effective when compared to the abilities to clean specific types of workplaces. For an example, there could be a professional cleaning service that has no experience in taking care of your warehouse. You need to question it beforehand since some professional don’t find the necessity in being specialized.
    • “What is the payment structure?”
      This is one of the questions that has to be very clearly answered when you are hiring office cleaning Southbank services. Sometimes, their payment structure is different from one another when the type of the workplace changes; the type, not the size. Hence, having a good idea on the payment structure is important.
      • “Who do I contact if I have a complaint?”
        This is going to be very prominent if the firm you’re hiring from is huge and reputed. Given that there will be a lot of employees in the company, and since you project is not the only thing that they would be doing, you need to keep your contact with one or two people. Most importantly, you must inquire about whom you are going to contact well beforehand to inform any sort of complaint.
        • “Are repairs included in the package?”
          Let’s assume that the tenants of your leased property have left and after consider time you see that there are a few structural damages that have to be amended. Typically, there are some trusted end of lease cleaning services that help you out with repairing too but even to get to services, remember to inquire them about it.
          • “What time of the day would the services take place?”
            If you want the janitors to come in the end of the day to clean the workplace overnight, chances of getting that would be high and ideal. Since clients will be present at most of the offices, or the employees, you wouldn’t want them to be disturbed.
            As long as you get positive answers for these few questions, your choice will be an ideal one to invest in.